Meet GammaChef

Your smart robotic cooker

GammaChef is robotic chef that is capable of preparing any one pot meal. It is pragmatic household appliance that is bringing 21th century technology into our kitchens. GammaChef is unique kind of machine, not many machines can cook real tasty Italian style risotto :-). At its core is a digital recipe. Based on that recipe GammaChef will prepare you fresh, home made and tasty meal at any desired time.

One-click cooking

With GammaChef your next meal is one click away. Use our mobile app to start preparing family meal while you are still at work or taking your kids from school.

Hundreds of tasty recipes

Choose from one of the predefined recipes, download new one from the internet or taste a delicious meal from the world-class chefs. Fine dining was never closer.

Create your own meal

Or, you can use GammaChef to create your own meal. Have an amazing new idea for a risotto? No problem – teach GammaChef to cook for you and impress your friends.

Real fresh home made food

With GammaChef great meals are now easier to prepare than ever. Couple of minutes for setup in the morning and you’re all done. This is how home tastes like.

Fits in your kitchen

No need for a new kitchen. Our cooking robot will fit perfectly in your kitchen like any other appliance you already have. And you can choose the color too.

Simple to clean

Last but not least – it’s really easy to clean. We used as few parts as possible so we could make robotic chef convenient for you. It cooks, and it’s easy to clean.

How it works?

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    Spices containers storage

    This is your pantry, where spices and lasting foods like rice are stored in removable food grade containers. Containers are barcode labeled. There are three sizes of containers: 1U,2U and 3U. Robotic chef storage has space for total of 18/9/6 containers accordingly or any other combination of different sizes.

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    Refrigerated main storage

    This is storage for main ingredients like meat or sliced onions. It is refrigerated area so sensitive foods are chilled and keep fresh till they are waiting for scheduled cooking.

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    Induction hot plate

    We chose induction cooker because induction cooking provides faster heating and at same time consumes less power. Also, induction cooker can be quickly turned off and , due to the low thermal inertia, food immediately cease to cook. This way it is not overcooked if pot stays on GammaChef waiting to be served.

  4. 4

    Stir head

    Proper stirring of food is the key to good cooking result. Our stir head is designed to circle the entire bottom of the pot with the speed appropriate to the type of meal it is stirring. Stir head can be raised and has a spoon which can be detached and easily washed.

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    Stainless steel pot

    Your GammaChef cooking robot is coming with custom made 24cm stainless steel cookware that is compatible with its induction heating hot plate. Our pot has a thicker bottom so temperature is evenly distributed.

  6. 6

    Touch screen display

    The GammaChef is equipped with 7’’ capacitive touch screen so you can comfortably manage cooking process, choose and start existing recipes or download new ones from web. Of course, you can also use yours smartphone or tablet to do the same through our application comfortable from your sofa.

  7. 7

    Water tank

    For cooking one pot meal you always need water. Our 2,5l removable water tank is easy to refill and easy to clean.

What can robotic chef cook?


GammaChef prepares real Italian home made risotto, that is stirred to perfection to gets its famous creamy texture and rich taste.


Sphagetti, penne, fussili prepared alla milanese, bolognese and even mexican or asian style. Just choose your favourite combination for quick and delicious dish!


Let's get serious, from classic beef stew to goulash and all sorts of variations in between, GammaChef will prepare these delicious stews that also feeds a crowd.

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