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20. 01. 2018.

„And how do you clean it?“ – Easy!

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is whether the device is hard to clean. We, as amateur chefs, know how hard it is to clean kitchen appliances. That's why we paid special attention to making the cleaning proces as easy as pos...

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15. 11. 2017.

New GammaChef prototype is ready!

Our newest prototype is ready in industrial design. This is the fifth one and we call it " The Blue Beast". All our prototypes so far have been in "Ferrari red" and  this one is in "Arctic blue" ;-). This is an important milestone for ...

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05. 07. 2017.

Chicken curry made by the robot!

Our mission for today was to cook a meal that doesn't belong in traditional mediteranian cuisine. We decided on chicken curry with noodles. Yummy :D The ingredients are: chicken(preferably drumsticks) zuckini onion soya sau...

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15. 05. 2017.

We were featured on the national TV!

It was a beautiful day in our beloved Split, the shrimps in our local fish market were fresh, GammaChef did his job rutinely and the journalists were amazed! The result was an interesting and a little different news report about the world's...

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