Our Story

GammaChef story is a story about food, tasty and healthy food, homemade food. But it is not story just about the food, it is story about families eating together. It is about slowing down a bit. It is about helping moms to take care about their children. It is about helping people eating healthier.

GammaChef workingIt is also story about technology. We are passionate about technology almost as we are passionate about food. We believe in technology, but not the technology that is disconnecting us. We don’t believe in 3D printing of food and we don’t believe in magic pills that will replace eating. Yes we believe in digital recipes but in digital recipes of our grandmas, your friends or the best chefs that put their love, passion and knowledge to prepare tasty meals. We believe there are no shortcuts in cooking, therefore, GammaChef prepares food just like real people do.

It is also story about you, your health, your free time, but also your creativity. We believe that, with little help, everyone can cook. We believe in learning and sharing of the knowledge. If you are passionate about cooking and sharing recipes you will like the fact that GammaChef is not closed machine. Our mission is to help you cook your favorite recipes, but this time on the GammaChef. Once digitalized, you can share digital recipe with your friends who can cook your exact meal on their GammaChefs.

Last but not the least, it is unfinished story. It is huge challenge to put such a device into everyone’s kitchen. It is not only about technical challenges, we have to change how people behave but on better, and with the help of you, our first supporters we believe we can do it. Lets taste the future together!